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Justine Duhayon



Justine Duhayon出生于1988年 ,是一位自學成才的畫家兼作家。成長在旅行和創作氛圍濃厚的環境里,是將她內心世界和外部世界連接的關鍵。她對文學青睞有加,故而來到巴黎求學。在莫里哀中學 (Lycée Molière)學習了兩年預科課程,在巴黎索邦大學學習三年獲得文學學位后,直到2011年她才決定專注于繪畫和寫作。



“賈斯汀· 杜海因的作品令人印象深刻,一下就注意到她節奏分明、脈絡清晰的繪畫技巧。雖然沒有景深效果,但仍可以在交錯的水滴和光影中找到和諧。她的作品捕捉到了紐約的活力,表達了對紐約的熱愛。在第一系列作品“活力紐約”中,她用大量報紙、礫石和各種混合材料塑造出紐約的輪廓線和街頭生活。同時運用文字、街道名稱和雜志上剪下的圖樣,在畫布上肆意組合成剪貼簿的感覺,清晰地表現出自身經歷和探索需求。

賈斯汀多次來到紐約滿足她對旅行和交流的熱愛,其作品也隨之開始變得更加直觀和自我。第二系列作品“心靈之旅” 不再使用以前的代表性城市建筑和標志,明確展現出隨意游走于城市的形象。

賈斯汀的抽象表現方式使人聯想到五十年前紐約的抽象表現主義,她用各種各樣、色彩濃重又精細的顏料描繪出了快節奏下紐約的動態和活力、以及對思維的影響。她大膽地將各種流派、媒介和調色板混合在作品中,例如她在描畫動態中的眼鏡蛇時,采用棕褐色的同時上方采用鮮紅色描繪。她用雙手在空白畫布創作,任由顏料在畫布上肆意鋪展 ,任由身體隨思維于畫布上旋轉。她經常徹夜盡情在畫布上作畫,直至房間里和衣服上沾滿顏料。如果你想親手觸摸她的畫作、感受這種與眾不同的紋理和質地,希望探尋她走過的世界,你應該親自問她。她必會面帶笑容,樂于分享這一切?!?/span>

Artist Statement

Born in 1988, Lille, Justine Duhayon, a self-taught painter and writer, grew up in an atmosphere marked by both travel and creation as a vital link between the inner and outer worlds.

Literature is what won most of her favor and led her to pursue her studies in Paris. It was not until 2011 , after two years of preparatory classes (Hypokhagne / khagne) at Lycée Molière and a third year in the?degree of arts at the Sorbonne, that she decided to devote herself exclusively to painting and writing.


Review about my first series ?New York in motion? from Anastasia Voron:

“The impression Justine Duhayon’s work makes is immediate. It does not take long to notice the rhythmic pulses of her painterly technique. There is no depth of field, yet one can still find the harmony in the chaos of the drips and shapes. Duhayon’s works capture and express her love for the vibrant city of New York. In her first series, New York in Motion, she uses mountains of newspapers, gravel, and other mixed media to physically represent NYC skylines and street life. Her experiences and need for exploration are clearly marked by her use of text, street names, and magazine cutouts that are fearlessly floating on the canvas like open pages of a scrapbook.

However, as Justine keeps on returning to NYC, and fulfilling her contagious love for travel and conversation, her works start to become more intuitive and personal. Her second series, Travels of a Mind, emerges away from archaic representations and symbols of city architecture in a way that clearly show she walks through them like a flaneuse.

In a manner reminiscent of the NY Abstract Expressionists fifty years ago, Duhayon arrives at the non-figurative, where diverging strands of paint, both thick and fragile, reveal the movement, the vibrancy, and the influence of a quick mind in a fast-paced city. She fearlessly mixes genres, mediums, and color palettes in her works, such as COBRA movement browns with bright reds on top. Her work bleeds off the canvas unboundedly. She attacks and tames the limits of a blank canvas with her bare hands as brushes and her body as a planet rotating around this linen universe of her ideas. She spends an artist’s evening, a canvas for a night, until her room and clothes are covered in acrylic evidence. And if you want to touch the sharp and curved textures of her paintings to find out where she has been, you should just ask her. With smiling eyes, she would be happy to tell you all about it. ”





Cocowalk Gallery, 館藏,美國邁阿密


2016.03-04 Bannis d'Eden(個人展覽),巴黎第七區政府,法國巴黎


2015.03?????? Espace Christiane Peugeot,法國巴黎


2014.06-07 Starter Gallery,法國巴黎


2014.02????? 拍賣會,Drouot拍賣行,法國巴黎


2013.12????? Art en Capital,巴黎大皇宮,法國巴黎


2012.12???? ?Miami River Art Fair,美國邁阿密


2012.10???? ?Business Art,當代藝術沙龍,法國巴黎


2012.09????? Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery,美國邁阿密


2011.11????? The Brick Lane Gallery,英國倫敦



Cocowalk Gallery, Miami


Bannis d’Eden (individual exhibition), Mairie du 7e Arrondissement, Paris

Date: From the 24th of March til the 6th of April 2016


Espace Christiane Peugeot, Paris

Date: From the 18th til the 28th of March 2015

Starter Gallery, Paris

Date: From the 26th of June til the 11th of July 2014


Auction sale, Drouot, Paris

Date: the 20th of February 2014 at 2pm


Art en Capital, Grand Palais, Paris

Date: From the 4th til the 8th of December 2013


Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery

Date: From the 7th til the 29th of September 2012


Business Art, Salon d'art contemporain, Paris

Date: From the 18th til the 21st of October 2012


Miami River Art Fair

Date:?? From the 4th til the 9th of December 2012


The Brick Lane Gallery, London

Date: From the 8th til the 21st of November 2011



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