Let the tradition through the all time
Restore art to life


文章來源: 發布時間:2018-07-27




With the theme of 24 solar terms and climate, Tiantu Education Center relies on the thrifty life experience and intangible cultural heritage exhibition to promote and promote traditional culture into the space carrier of daily life. At the same time, it integrates the five senses of vision, hand, sound, smell and taste, focuses on local cultural life, and uses traditional cultural thinking mode to be a characteristic of Chinese ethnic minorities and local traditional culture and art. Introduce the production process and historical context of non-legacy skills in the form of exhibitions, so that the young and old people who participate in the activities of the traditional garden to learn about traditional culture will gain knowledge while eating, drinking and playing, and realize that everyone is a cultural inheritor and has continued China. The responsibility of the traditional cultural lifeline.

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